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What Does The Engine Repair Kits Have?

- Oct 24, 2017 -

When the domestic car is running at about 100 thousand km, it is necessary to do a major overhaul. Imported cars can be overhauled when they are traveling for more than 150 thousand km. After the overhaul, the engine performance can be restored to more than 90% of the previous. But not to the mileage will have to overhaul, generally in the domestic car to meet the 100 thousand km or import car driving 150 thousand km basis, the following aspects:

Inspection of engine overhaul:

1. oil consumption seriously to take the blue smoke when the engine unable to cut no oil leakage phenomenon.

If there is an oil leak, it is likely that the valve seal aging, and may be caused by the piston ring gap alignment. For these two cases, priority should be given to the overhaul of the two automobile components, and then to determine whether the overhaul engine is needed.

2. when the engine has abnormal sound

The overhaul should be considered if the engine is severely knocking, or the engine is seriously damaged and the crankshaft is seriously worn out.

3. when the cylinder wear reaches the overhaul standard

No matter what the phenomenon of a car, the wear of the cylinder the final decision on whether to overhaul the standard, round per 100mm 0.125mm cylinder bore wear loss, or wear per cone cylinder bore wear 100mm 0.40mm, as long as one of the two conditions should be considered for repair.

Overhaul is not equal to large repair, overhaul is a proper term in the automobile repair industry, with its fixed items and costs, of which boring cylinder is one of the main items. The maintenance cost of automobile overhaul is relatively high in the car repair. Modern automobile overhaul engine is the most complex repair technology, the most use maintenance equipment, the longest working hours, the most standardized repair technology repair project.

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