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Sealing Gasket Installation Requirements

- Oct 24, 2017 -

The sealing gasket is a kind of sealing spare parts used in machinery, equipment and pipes as long as there is a fluid, and it uses the internal and external parts to seal the material. The sealing gasket is made of metal or non-metal plate material, and is made by cutting, punching or cutting. It is used for the sealing connection between pipes, and the sealing connection between the machine parts and the machine parts of the machine. According to the material can be divided into metal gasket and non-metallic gasket gasket. Metal with copper gasket, stainless steel gasket, iron gasket, aluminum gasket and so on. Non metallic asbestos gasket, non asbestos gasket, paper gasket, rubber gasket and so on.

Sealing gasket installation requirements:

1, gasket gasket and flange sealing surface should be cleaned, shall not have any impact on the sealing performance of scratches, spots and other defects exist.

2, the sealing gasket than the flange sealing surface diameter should be small, the gasket diameter should be slightly larger than the inner diameter of the pipe diameter, two difference 2 times the thickness of the gasket, to ensure that the gasket is compressed, not into the inner edge of a container or a pipe, so as not to impede the flow of liquid container or pipeline flow.

3, the sealing gasket preload should not exceed the design requirements, so as to avoid excessive compression gasket gasket, lost resilience.

4, when sealing gasket is pressed, it is better to use torque wrench. For large bolts and high strength bolts, it is better to use hydraulic tightening devices. The tightening torque should be calculated according to the given gasket, and the hydraulic pressure of the hydraulic tightening device should also be determined by calculation.

5. When installing the sealing gasket, the nut should be tightened in sequence. But it should not be screwed once to reach the design value. Generally, it should be cycled at least 2~3 times so that the gasket can be evenly distributed.

6, the flammable and explosive medium pressure vessel and piping, replacing gasket should be used to avoid security tools, tool and flange bolts or collide, sparks, causing a fire or explosion accident.

7, if there is leakage in the pipeline, it is necessary to reduce the pressure, then replace or adjust the installation of gasket, strictly prohibited with pressure operation.

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