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Rubber Seal Basic Introduction

- Oct 24, 2017 -

Rubber seal is a kind of common sealing device, which can be used in various industries, various mechanical equipment, and well solved the problem of leakage and seal.

The rubber seal is a kind of common basic element in the sealing device, and plays a very important role in the sealing. Rubber seals are the most commonly used rubber products in sealing skills. Because the rubber is a polymer material with excellent elasticity, the temperature range is wide, giving less stress will produce large deformation in different medium, this deformation can provide contact pressure, leakage clearance compensation, achieve the purpose of sealing.

Now the main products have rubber rubber seals, rubber gasket, flange gasket, rubber block, rubber O ring, V ring, X ring, Y ring and other forms, size, color, hardness and material, rubber, rubber, O ring, rectangle circle bead diamond, plastic beads, square pad and so on. Each of them has its own characteristics and can be applied to different working conditions and industries respectively.

There are three main characteristics: one is the rubber with excellent elasticity and flexibility; two is resistance to permeability and resistance to various chemical and electrical insulation, not easy to deformation; three is with a variety of materials, and composite, comprehensive performance.

With the progress of society, the application of rubber will be more and more widely, the types of rubber seals will be more and more rich, because the demand for human beings is growing, the demand for seals will be higher and higher. Believe that in the near future, we will meet more new technologies and products.

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