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Rubber Products Production Process

- Oct 24, 2017 -

1. Basic process flow of rubber products

With the rapid development of modern industry, especially the chemical industry, there are many kinds of rubber products, but the production process is basically the same. The production process of general solid rubber (raw rubber) is mainly composed of raw materials:

Raw material preparation, plasticization, mixing, molding, vulcanization, recuperation and inspection

2. Raw material preparation for rubber products

The main products are rubber, rubber material compounding agent, fiber materials and metal materials. Which is the basic raw materials; compounding agent is some auxiliary materials in order to improve the performance of rubber added; fiber materials (cotton, linen, wool and synthetic fiber and synthetic fiber) and metal materials (steel wire, copper wire) as skeleton material for rubber products, to enhance the mechanical strength, limit the product variant.

In the preparation of raw materials, the ingredients must be accurately weighed according to the formula. In order to make the rubber and the complexing agent can mutually mixing, the need for processing of some materials:

Rubber to 60--70 C drying room drying soft, then cut into small pieces of gum, gel breaking;

Block compounding agents such as wax, stearic acid, rosin and so on should be crushed;

The powder compounding agent needs to be screened and removed if it contains mechanical impurities or coarse particles;

Liquid agents (pine tar, ancient Malone) need to heat, melt, evaporate moisture, and filter impurities;

Complexing agent should be dry, or easy to agglomerate, mixing old can not be dispersed evenly, bubble generated during vulcanization, thereby affecting the quality of products;

3, rubber products of plastic refining

Rubber elastic, lack the necessary performance when processing (plasticity), so it is not easy to process. In order to improve the plasticity, so the rubber mastication; thus, the mixing of ingredients easily dispersed in rubber; at the same time, in the rolling forming process is also helpful to improve the permeability of the rubber material (into fabric inside) and forming mobility. The long chain molecules were degraded, the formation process of plasticity is called plastication. Mechanical plastication and mixing two kinds of thermoplastic plastic mixing method of rubber.  Mechanical plasticization is the effect of mechanical extrusion and friction on the structure of a long chain rubber at a rather high temperature, which causes the degradation of long chain rubber molecules to become shorter and from a high elastic state to a plastic state. Hot hot mastication is to pass into the rubber in the compressed air in the heat and oxygen under the effect of the long chain molecular degradation becomes shorter, resulting in plasticity.

4. Mixing of rubber products

In order to adapt to the different conditions of use, to achieve a variety of performance, also in order to improve the performance of rubber products and reduce the cost, must be added with different chemicals in the raw. Mixing is the mixing of raw rubber and compound mixing, placed in the mixing machine, through mechanical mixing, the agent completely and uniformly dispersed in the rubber in a process. Mixing is an important process in the production of rubber products. If the mixture is not uniform, it can not give full play to the role of rubber and mixture, and affect the performance of the product. Rubber obtained after mixing, known as mixing, it is made of various rubber products, semi-finished materials, commonly known as glue, are usually sold as a commodity, buyers can directly feed rubber products processing, which requires the use of rubber vulcanization. According to the different formula, the rubber compound has a series of different grades and varieties of performance, to provide the choice.

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