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How To Determine The Material Of The Rubber Gasket

- Oct 24, 2017 -

There are many kinds of rubber gasket material, for different uses of rubber gasket material used is not the same. For example: if it is used for mechanical seal, generally need high temperature, oil, corrosion resistant materials, and if used in the food industry, it needs more environmentally friendly and pollution-free materials.

Rubber gasket material is generally divided into: silicon rubber gasket, butyl rubber gasket, rubber gasket, fluorosilicone rubber gasket, three EPDM gasket, chloroprene rubber seal, polyurethane rubber gasket, rubber gasket, hydrogenated fluorine rubber seal of the 9 materials.

The above mentioned 9 kinds of rubber gasket materials have their own characteristics, so their use is also different. Silicone rubber sealing film has good heat resistance, cold resistance, aging resistance and insulation performance. Silicone rubber gasket is mainly used in water heater, electric iron, microwave oven and mechanical seal industry, and is not suitable for the direct contact with the human body seal position.

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