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Car Rubber Gasket Maintenance Need To Pay Attention To What

- Oct 24, 2017 -

With the rapid development of the automotive industry, followed by the industry began to follow, such as car rubber gasket! If you want to increase the service life of rubber gasket, how to maintain it? Next, let me introduce the topic of how to maintain the automobile rubber gasket!

1, to do a good job of rubber gasket maintenance, car owners will start from the daily small things. The first step is to do a good job of rubber gasket cleaning, the owner can every one or two quarters of rubber gasket for a cleaning. The dust can be used wet sponge rails and grooves on clean, with a dry sponge to wipe again, to keep the rubber gasket clean. These operations are very simple, basically not to a special car wash shop can be carried out.

2, in the car if you use water cannons, will not bear the water directly at the rubber gasket for spraying, or easy to make rubber gasket deformation in high pressure water column under the impact of a long time will affect the rubber gasket sealing performance, the car is also more easily into the water. In addition, the owner should pay attention to the parking place of the car. When you need a long time outdoors docked when the vehicle should avoid direct exposure in the sun, you can, covering some of the best vehicle for reflective sewing to prevent the doors, skylights on the edge of the rubber gasket deformation and cracking due to heat.

3, if it is impossible to avoid, do not directly through the splashing method of physical cooling, the larger temperature difference will often change the internal structure of the sealing strip, resulting in its deformation and cracking.

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