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Application Of Stamping Technology In Automobile Process

- Oct 24, 2017 -

The advancement of stamping enterprises is closely related to the automobile industry. The producers of stamping machine tools mediate the development of new products and the idea of program to adapt to the necessary direction of the development of automobile industry, and put this trend into their delivery strategy.

To delivery stamping line development, stamping product line for automobile exchange, stagnation of the side wall of the large vacuum delivery material punching machine and the production of erosion into the market of small vacuum feeding machine that this kind of stamping of automobile industry and stamping machine delivery between enterprises close joint erosion model.

The world automobile mould and mould change diversification short period represented by the change in stamping manufacturers with found to adapt to the new world you back. Diversity makes the outline of the automobile industry mold enterprise supply model for the delivery of more cars at the same time, the new application of stamping process skills is put forward, bring the frame and car parts stamping process skills delivery processing skills change.

The days when looking for stamping skills necessary to change, people not only to consider large automotive stamping parts stamping delivery, and to think about small details of the micro stamping parts delivery. And these small, micro stamping parts in the car frame of childbirth accounted for the proportion of the outline of perhaps 70%. Even if these small stamping parts are not replaced as many times as large parts of the car, they also have an urgent impact on the diversity of the mold in the process of delivery. Diversity is not only the die cut products delivery number, also brought new stamping product market structure respectively.

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