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What matters should be paid attention to when repairing automobile engine

- Oct 24, 2017 -

1, the engine temperature is high, not afraid of low: some people think that when the engine temperature is high, not afraid of low. In fact, when the engine temperature is low, the harm is also great. The service life of the engine should be ensured according to the normal temperature prescribed by the automobile instruction manual. 

2, the pump fan belt as tight as possible: belt tight, not better. Too tight belt will not only lengthen or break the belt, shorten the service life of the belt, but also due to excessive tension, resulting in the generator shaft, pump shaft deformation and bending and early damage of the bearing. The tightness of the fan belt of the automobile engine should meet the technical requirements. When the normal belt is assembled, the deflection should be 10-15mm. 

3, the blind down engine thermostat: If due to high engine temperature and blindly remove the thermostat, coolant can proceed big circulation, can adjust the cooling intensity, it is difficult to ensure the engine working at a suitable temperature, but so often in the engine under low temperature work, reduction of the power of the engine, wear speed, fuel consumption increase. If the engine thermostat fails to overhaul or replace, the engine temperature is still high, you should overhaul the rest of the cooling system, can not remove the thermostat. In 4, the engine idle temperature with the idle temperature, due to the lower speed, the oil pump can not quickly the lubricating oil into the lubricating oil pressure is low, the surface of the moving engine parts under dry friction or semi dry friction condition; low temperature fuel due to poor atomization, the unburned fuel into. Box, wash away the oil film on the cylinder wall, will accelerate the wear parts. Therefore, after several seconds of engine start, the application of fast idle heating to improve the lubrication conditions of the engine. 

5, at the end of winter: burner for baking oil burner for baking oil bottom, will not only make the additives in the oil and chemical changes, loss of the original performance, but also the oil cement, oil bottom deformation, easy to cause fire.  The best thing to do is to select the engine oil according to the local minimum temperature in winter. In the conditioned place, it is better to park the vehicle in a garage with thermal insulation. 

After the engine overhaul: 

1, no cooling water, cooling system works well; lubrication system works well; in the running period of operation, do not arbitrarily increase the speed, do not overload.  

When the engine temperature increases, there is a slowdown and flameout trend, to avoid increasing the throttle to improve the speed. 

At this point should immediately reduce the throttle, reduce speed or stop, let the engine rest, and then slowly increase the speed after the temperature drops. 

2, if the engine suddenly stops during operation, and the engine oil circuit, are normal, which is likely to occur, then the "holding cylinder" engine needs to be cooling after processing, the specific method is: shake the handle slowly rotate engine, if the engine shake does not move, do not force the crank to avoid injury, piston or cylinder.  

To remove the spark plug or the nozzle, or open the pressure relief device to inject a small amount of oil into the cylinder, then shake, to rotate freely until the engine. Start the engine again, idle for a few minutes, and then gradually increase the speed, to be able to work after the normal. When the engine has "hold cylinder", it is strictly prohibited to flush the cylinder body with cooling water, so as to avoid the crack of the cylinder body due to sudden cooling. If the engine has a serious "hold cylinder", it can not be forced to start or drag, must stop immediately, after cooling the engine overhaul.

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