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What are the requirements and principles for the selection of automotive stamping parts?

- Oct 24, 2017 -

Automobile stamping parts is a kind of metal material of automobile parts, part of which can be directly used in automobiles, and some parts need to be processed by corresponding process to become parts of the car. The material of automobile stamping parts will directly affect the service life and quality of parts

First, the material selection requirements of automobile stamping parts

1, know the types and characteristics of stamping parts

In the selection of raw materials of automobile stamping parts, we need to know the characteristics of this type of stamping and the only way to use it according to the type and characteristics of the choice of suitable metal material, which can ensure the quality of the product, and can prolong the service life of automobile stamping parts, improve the efficiency of the use of raw materials.

2, have good production process

In addition to the type of stamping parts and the use of the characteristics of choice, but also to choose a good process performance, the only way to produce stamping parts in order to have good economic and practical. Have a good production process of stamping raw material price is relatively centered, people can easily buy, unlike some of the production process of material price is too high, increase the enterprise's raw material costs.

3. Meet the needs of the required process

We in the choice of raw materials when stamping pieces, must know the mechanical parts shown in the service state of the mechanical properties, physical and chemical properties, such as automotive stamping parts use in frame beam, beam, car etc. above, these parts are basically plays a supporting role, so to choose some good, large load bearing parts.

Now in the production of automobile stamping parts, the most is the cold stamping process, because to meet the needs of the times. The quality of cold stamping material will directly determine the quality of the product, the length of service life and the cost of the high and low. Therefore, we must bear in mind the material requirements and principles of automobile stamping parts, only in this way can we make good parts of automobile stamping parts.

The weight of the automobile stamping parts is relatively light, the precision of the product size is relatively high, the appearance is smooth and beautiful, and no need to do too much surface treatment.

Two, generally in the selection of automotive stamping materials, should follow the following principles:

1, the choice of automotive stamping parts materials must first meet the performance requirements of automotive components.

2, stamping parts of the car material should have better process performance.

3, with good economic, that is, to ensure the quality of materials, but also save production costs

What are the requirements and principles of material selection for automotive stampings?. The car is also a heavy industry, otherwise it is in the hardness of the above requirements must be met, and the car can reach the quality requirements, finally, stamping it in wear resistance but also to reach the above requirements, and this is often the life and it has great the relationship, so this is a very important requirement.

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