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Sealing industry development

- Oct 24, 2017 -

In recent years, the production and quality of rubber sealing products in China have gradually entered a new stage and new period. However, only these can not satisfy the need of the development of other industries of various types of rubber seal products standardization and serialization of products, especially compared with the international advanced countries, our products in terms of product quality, or product varieties, has a considerable gap.

First of all, the overall competitiveness of China's sealing industry is not strong. As we all know, in our country, the sealing industry is the smallest industry, but the product can be matched with the large industry. No matter aviation, navigation, oil, chemical industry, or machinery, power generation, metallurgy, mines, etc., are inseparable from the sealing parts. In short, all organic, pump, pipe, valve place, are dependent on the sealing parts. So the industry is small, and it involves a wide range.

In recent years, with the development of economy, the development of sealing industry is also very fast. But unlike other industries, the sealing industry is developing fast, but the sealing enterprises are changing slowly. For example, at the end of 70s and early 80s, there are several manufacturers only in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shandong, and both coastal and inland, and the South and the north, everywhere seal factory, the entire industry has been sealed by the previous few, the development of 300, the growth rate can be said to be very fast. But in terms of individual enterprises, many enterprises change little, the scale of production is circuitous, and some even appear retrogression.

In terms of products, the vast majority of manufacturers are still some winding gasket, packing ring, packing and high strength gaskets and other old products. Slightly new PTFE products, in terms of technology and quality lags far behind foreign countries, such as PTFE packing, expanded PTFE tape. Looking around, new products are scarce.

Technical force, the majority of enterprises accounted for a smaller proportion of scientific and technical personnel, many enterprises lack the technical personnel of genuine curriculum, technical force is weak, so the lack of enterprise development and transformation ability of the corresponding. Since the founding of the European Union, the United Nations has brought about a strong European Union to improve and establish a new European seal quality standard, replacing the previously relied on the American fluid association set a series of standards. Leakage rates are highlighted and highlighted in the new European seal quality standards.

On equipment, most enterprises have only a few old weaving machines, several homemade simple winding machine, punching machine and shearing machine, rely on the old worker's ability to organize production; and many manufacturers of equipment in the long-term production tasks in unsaturated conditions.

In terms of quality management, the vast majority of enterprises rely on the proficiency of operators to do a good job in the product, and did not follow the standard process standards for production, but also no necessary means of management. Many manufacturers have made a series of ISO9000 certification, but the process documents, provided its internal quality control plan and work instruction documents and equipment management documents are often tenuous, and international levels far apart.

To sum up, our sealing industry is weak in competitiveness, but it refers to some small enterprises, and we also have some strong companies or factories. Although there are several well-known large enterprises, small and medium enterprises but also have more, there are a lot of special business seal business of the company to buy a product to China, to domestic or foreign sales, so the international peer certificates, advantages and disadvantages of each one has its own merits.

In terms of strengths, we have advantages in 3 main areas:

1, the advantages of raw materials

Whether asbestos, graphite and other non-metallic materials, we are a big producer, many countries lack of resources.

2, price advantage

The current seal or labor-intensive products, China's manufacturing costs are low, the current seal competition to win 60% depends on the price factor. In the domestic market, the host matching this phenomenon has been obvious, the international market even more so. With the further deepening and perfection of the domestic reform. The price factor plays a more and more important role in the maintenance market.

3, humanistic advantages

The sealing parts of the domestic market marketing is mainly dependent on the interpersonal relationship, richly endowed by nature day and the people, the same quality in the domestic market conditions, we have a lot of advantages.

From the perspective of market competition, there are 3 advantages, you can go on the road of competition.

Conversely, the disadvantages may be more, and the first is the technical backwardness. On the one hand, in order to meet the increasing demand of human beings for environmental protection, ISO14000 standard has begun to attach importance to Chinese enterprises, and people are increasingly strict with the requirements of sealing. As a large number of joint ventures enter, it has brought new quality requirements, new concept of environmental protection.

In addition, the idea of business is likely to be necessary. Over 200 years of capitalism, which many of our peers, namely the competitor has already experienced a continuation of the 4 generation, had to get rid of the poverty from the well-off society for the rich psychological maturity of mind, to do the market, management, brand, culture.

On this basis, careful scrutiny, it is not difficult to see our enterprise individual behavior in all sorts of disadvantages. The lack of joint competition and the increase of competition result in the decline of the market, which is the biggest problem in the management. In fact, blindly depressing prices, blindly pursuing orders, will result in the destruction of the market. Market is not cake, but the field, need to pay, need to cultivate, need to love, will have harvest, will be long.

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