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Measures to prevent damage to the cylinder head gasket

- Oct 24, 2017 -

The engine at work, if the exhaust sound pops around the cylinder, or hear the radiator "grunt" for sound, or check cylinder pressure adjacent two cylinder pressure is very low, showed that the cylinder liner has been damaged.

The reason for the engine fuel injection advance angle is too large, the gas pressure rises too high, the impact load thrusting bad cylinder pad.

(2) the order and method of tightening the cylinder head bolt are not correct, the tightening torque is uneven, so that the cylinder liner is not fully fit on the joint surface of cylinder head.

Dismounting cylinder head does not follow program to make cylinder head deformation.

Fourth, the quality of cylinder liner is poor, uneven thickness, especially the liner around the cylinder is not uniform, the most easily broken by high-pressure gas.

The prevention measures of installation of cylinder gasket, cylinder head and cylinder should be cleaned with body surface.

When installing, attention should be paid to one side of the mark, one side marked with the part number is upwards, the positioning ring is exposed to the cylinder pad, and the water hole and the oil hole are aligned.

(3) when installing the cylinder gasket, attention should be paid to the water, oil hole and positioning pin.

4. If the new cylinder gasket is replaced, the thickness should be checked.

Before installing the cylinder head bolt, oil should be smeared on the thread to reduce the friction force and make the bolt press the cylinder head.

We must follow the tightening sequence and the requirements of the times and tighten the cylinder head bolt tightening torque, to reach the specified value.

The use should check the fuel injection advance angle, to ensure compliance with the standard.

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